Food Brokers annually sell more than 25,000 consumer goods worldwide. This makes them one of the largest Dutch exporters on the market. They commissioned us to launch custom landing pages as a lead-in for a new website.


Optimal loading speed

There is no doubt that optimal loading speed is of the utmost importance when you’re launching a new website – partly because it boosts your business’ sales. We made sure that Food Broker’s new site runs super-fast.

Food Brokers strive to be the leader in all their target markets. Therefore, they’re always focussing on sublime quality, good prices, and excellent customer service. The new landing page allows them to completely focus on the future.


Fresh start.

Food Brokers’ unique selling points are mainly experience, accessibility, quality, and delivery.

This fresh start on the internet allows them to grow their business even further. We have developed the design for their landing page in WordPress and put it together in a way that it’s Google-friendly.

All texts are in English and written by our web text writer which will give Food Brokers’ customers an even better experience. This landing page has laid foundations for the new website that’s coming soon.

detailzone hero
detailzone hero



Food Brokers have commissioned us to do the following:

  • Launch a customised landing page in two weeks’ time.
  • Create striking designs in WordPress.
  • Write English texts.
  • Lay foundations for a new website.
  • Develop a Google-friendly landing page.
  • Optimise the loading speed of pages.


Landingspage with potential


“Thanks to this high-end landing page we can look forward to a beautiful new website. Thank you, Before Sales!”


Food brokers