We work with Laravel

We work with Laravel

At Before Sales we are specialized in developing and building websites and webshops. Laravel is indispensable for us. It is the application with which we can deliver customized online solutions, from simple to very complicated.

Every website and shop starts with an application that makes it. Laravel is one of them and it offers our developers unlimited possibilities. It is an open source framework. Open source means that anyone can use it without registration or payment. A framework refers to the basis on which a website or shop runs. It aims to automate parts that often appear on a site or in a shop.

Advantages of Laravel

Of course a website or shop should look nice, but it is actually more important that it functions well and loads quickly. Laravel takes care of that and there are more benefits.

  • By using the Laravel framework we don’t have to develop a solution every time, for example for an advanced login or management system.
  • By means of APIs (application programming interface) it is also possible to easily create links with, for example, webshops made in Magento, but also with other applications such as accounting and invoice programs, calendar functions and complex calculation modules.
  • The framework knows many functionalities so that our developers can build both simple and complicated applications.
  • Where plug-ins (additions to existing computer programs) in WordPress, for example, often do not suffice, Laravel offers the possibility to create a precisely suitable solution.
  • With Laravel we can make sure that the front looks nice and that everything works smoothly and quickly on the back.
  • Administrators can see results from a dashboard of the website and shop.

To give you an idea of ​​what is possible, we share a few cases here.

What did we make with Laravel?

We zoom in on Yacht rentals. We made a website in WordPress (jachthuren.nl). Before booking via the website, there was a WordPress plugin that did not meet the requirements.

  • We developed a custom application in Laravel (Reserveren.jachthuren.nl) with a database and a calendar function. Because Jachthuren also receives bookings through a shipyard in France, we linked the calendar function with the booking plugin of the yard and therefore the calendar is always up-to-date.
  • We wrote a function that uses an XML- file (file in computer language) with all available dates of the different boats on the internet.
  • We designed a clear front-end for the (potential) customers.
  • We developed a back -end (dashboard) where Jachthuren can log in to see the reservations yourself and adjust them if necessary.
  • In the coming years we can further develop this application with, for example, a price calculator or our own login section for the customer, so that he can view his reservation or possibly consult the sailing instructions and routes.

What else can be done with Laravel? Well, this for example:

  • We developed a portal for service technicians for a packaging company. By means of an app behind the website, they have access to current information about the various machines for every job.
  • For an online butcher’s shop, we brought three webshops that run on Shopify into one system so that all relevant data , such as orders and delivery routes, are visible at a glance.

In short: ‘cannot’ does not exist with Laravel. Would you like to know more about the possibilities, we are happy to tell you all about it, call 0418 51 99 95 or send an email.

Text: Annette Cost, Tekstgevoel

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