Before Sales at Netwerk Brabant

Stefan Korthout wrote an article about Before Sales for the March edition of the magazine of Netwerk Brabant. It is well emphasized that a website or webshop made by Before Sales is developed purposefully and is technically excellently executed.

Before Sales combines design, content and technology flawlessly. It starts with the customer question: “Does the customer have enough with an online sign or is there a need for a fully digital platform?” Digital customization is provided based on the answers to this question.

Step by step we work towards the ultimate goal, which meets the expectations, requirements and wishes. By asking questions, customers often discover that more is possible than they initially thought. Clients are included in the development of their website or webshop, so that there are no surprises afterwards. Ultimately, there is a unique end result, for which aftercare and service are also provided.

Read the entire article here the website of Netwerk Brabant or in the magazine.

Text: Anoek de Lange

Photography: Laurens Janus

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