Websites with a purpose

How’s your company’s online presence? Does your website score as crazy or are you ready for a new or renewed website? Your website plays an important role in the selection process of your target group. At Before Sales, we build well-thought-out websites and that starts with establishing the goal. This requires courage from our customers, because choices have to be made in order to achieve concrete goals. We tell you more about it here.

A website should fit like a custom jacket. That means we don’t just get started. For us, the magic is in the conversation. Every website we build starts with a 1-on-1 conversation and a questionnaire. We will then discuss in detail:

  • your company;
  • the target audience;
  • the purpose of the website;
  • look and feel;
  • content and interaction;
  • technique;
  • findability;
  • maintenance;
  • promotion.

That way we know what your wishes, ideas and expectations are and we can advise you on whether or not to do something or do something differently. Ultimately, we come to a goal(s) together. Based on that information, we create a powerful tailor-made internet project plan. For small websites, that is often a complete plan. We plan large projects step by step, in this way we keep an overview and that makes further development easier and more efficient.

Purpose of the website

A website can have many different purposes, so it’s not for nothing that we ask you to get the job done. If we know exactly what goal you have in mind, that is the starting point and the end point for us. That sounds contradictory, but the bottom line is that we can then reason back to see what it takes and how much time it will take to reach the goal. If there are more goals, we look at how we will combine them. We make it more concrete with examples of goals.

  • Get high in Google

No one knows exactly Google’s algorithms, but we do know that, for example, speed and a responsive design (website adapts to the size of a screen) provide advantages. We build a website that is technically well put together, so that it scores high in the ranking.

  • Relieve office staff

Does your office staff get mad about phone calls about pending orders? You can easily solve this by providing an automated information provision on the website, such as a tracking system (track & trace). We have the knowledge to streamline these kinds of processes.

  • Product sales

If you want to sell your products online, we will build a clear webshop, from very simple with a login and payment function to super advanced with complete order and payment systems.

  • Lead generator

The word lead generator may sound ambitious, but every business needs new customers. We have the knowledge and know-how to turn your website into a lead generator. This is possible, for example, by giving visitors to the website useful information in exchange for their e-mail address that supports them in their customer journey.

  • Improve customer journey

The customer journey includes all contact moments with your (potential) customers. Your website is an important factor in that customer journey, from the landing pages where visitors arrive, texts and images to technical gadgets, everything matters. We build or improve your website so that it matches your brand story in order to give your target group a pleasant journey.

  • Your website as a business card

You do want to be present online, but without bells and whistles. We build a website that contributes to your online findability.

  • E-learning system

Think about the time savings if, for example, new employees get to know the company and the processes by means of e-learning.

  • Intranet within your company

Easily inform employees by means of an internal website. Such a system can be arranged entirely according to your wishes. For example, you can choose to give everyone access to all information or to arrange this per job level.

Beautiful, functional and effective website

So whether it’s about increasing your customer base, creating recognisability or staying ahead of the competition, we build a website that matches your goal(s). We do this in current and common systems such as WordPress, Magento 2 and Laravel. The many options offer a lot of flexibility so that adding new functions later is very easy. We are happy to think and work with you. Do you want to know more about the possibilities? We are happy to tell you, call 0418 51 99 95 or send an email.

Text: Annette Cost, Tekst gevoelig

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